In this era of digitalization, discover how important it is for your business to start using a free BPM tool

Numbers speak for themselves: BPM market is going to grow year after year. This is quite reasonable if we think how digitalization and innovative technology are increasingly changing our way of living and our economy. ´(…) From taxi drivers to television networks, from filmmakers to restaurants and banks, the ways in which individuals and companies do business is metamorphosing so quickly that many companies find it hard to keep pace’ (Financial Times 2015a).

Market in Billion U.S. Dollars

Size of the business process management (BPM) market worldwide, from 2016 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars): Statista 2016

1. A New Market Economy

The boundaries between the physical and the digital sphere continue to merge. Every industry and every firm feels the effects of digital transformation, but what exactly does this mean?

Digital transformation is all about reinventing and developing a new system of how businesses operate, empowered by today’s ultimate technology. Every company has to challenge itself to speed up its activities and its processes and it is not always easy. Internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence and Big data are changing the Market scenario and companies have to find the right path for being competitive and further innovate their products and services. They need to find a proper way that could help them in keeping track of all the gaps and quickly demonstrate how and where a company should adapt, improve or drastically re-think its processes/workflows, for progressing over time.

Furthermore, the definition of “enterprise” itself is changing. Growing companies need to drive sustainable competitive advantage as quickly as they need to convert data into meaningful insights that position them well for widespread market acceptance. By leveraging this source of innovation, smaller or bigger companies can nourish and sustain their business strategy. But most of all, they can exhibit a critical aspect of the intelligent enterprise – decision-making – that disrupts and delivers groundbreaking growth and innovation.

2. BPM: A Revolutionary Road

Business Process Management allows organizations to take a holistic perspective on their processes. It is a discipline which uses various methods in order to analyse, improve, optimize (and more) different business processes. Depending on the abstraction level and on the specific focus, processes can be analysed on an end-to-end or down to a workflow perspective. This allows organizations not only to create transparency, but also to identify inefficiencies, redundancies, potential bottlenecks or quality risks.

When a BPM tool comes in action, it can really make a massive difference. Although the BPM market is increasingly growing, professionals and experts are not really aware of the potential and all the opportunities a Business Process Management tool can offer.
A BPM tool is able to give a thorough overview of the company, giving to its different stakeholders and employees the chance to be aligned with the organizational ecosystem. This is essential in order to be able to “see the whole” and understand the value network.
It´s all about “think big, but start small”.

So where does the Revolution of a Business Process Management system stand? It is all about the capability of opening up unexpected pathways to potential solutions.

3. Think Big, start small

The explanation above helps us better understand why a BPM tool should be the answer. For a firm, it´s essential to have a tool that is able to summarize at a glance all the performances hidden behind a company’s system, especially since technologies will continue to evolve and most large organizations will continue to struggle to upgrade their business processes in response to new technologies and changing customer demands. Indeed, several organizations can testify to the fact that BPM helped their efficiency, as well as versatility and customer satisfaction.

Why is that so? Because it helps to break down silos and gets people talking about how to get things done, it helps to monitor activities more carefully, to respond more quickly and it also provides a way to step back and see where the opportunities lie.

4. Start in being “FREE”

Now that we have a better idea of what BPM could do for us, let´s face some interesting key facts. It´s relevant to see how enterprises and companies understand the importance of innovation and moving forward: the increase of digital strategies, outsourcing methods and workflow analysis investments, make clear how companies are becoming aware of the importance of staying up-to-date, in order to guarantee their business outcomes.

More than 69% of companies today decide to outsource a good amount of their processes as a way of reducing costs and 64% of them are outsourcing primarily for business transformation.
– Outsourcing has become second nature to most companies – Raconteur reports – which today partner with specialists in design, IT and business process management (BPM) to market, reorganize and grow their businesses Needless to say, experts understood the importance of automating, optimizing and reducing times and costs.

Automating, digitizing and outsourcing are becoming priorities for those who are looking for breakthroughs, and using a BPM tool won´t be an exception.

35% of UK companies currently outsourcing IT functions are planning to outsource more
69% of UK companies currently outsourcing IT functions are planning to outsource more
64% of UK companies currently outsourcing IT functions are planning to outsource more

Source: PA Consulting 2017

Therefore, what is the best move for having a good start with BPM? Trying a free BPM software in order to get familiar with it, without spending a lot of money. Now, you could really be free to explore, find useful insights and be prepared for the next Business transformation!

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