BOC Group has recently released the next major version upgrade of its Business Transformation suite ADONIS NP and introduced a great mix of brand new BPM features and different technology updates.

And we are certainly not leaving the free, cloud-based ADONIS:Community Edition behind on these latest developments either! As always, ADONIS:CE takes after its commercial edition sibling ADONIS NP, and keeps up with the cutting-edge innovations, to incorporate many of the remarkable new features from the latest releases. This time, ADONIS:CE welcomes a new set of features and functionalities, the most intriguing of which is the revolutionary Business Process Simulation & Optimization.

Business Process Simulation & Optimization, or more precisely the Interactive Process Stepper, takes in real world data and applies robust statistical measures with uncanny precision, to provide you with a step-by-step approach and allow you to quickly understand the costs and times involved. Simply put, the Interactive Process Stepper helps you transform and translate your data into business value and allows you to get a more thorough understanding of your time and cost expenditures, which you can later use to improve and optimize your processes.

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, ADONIS NP 8.0 also introduces a collection of other distinctive and beneficial BPM features, such as the new filter & sort functionality, hide empty attributes feature and many more, most of which are also available in ADONIS:CE and waiting for you to discover and try right away!

So don’t let us keep you any longer and get to exploring the fresh innovations and novelties in ADONIS:CE right this instant!

For further details on the latest features coming with the new ADONIS NP 8.0 click here.