BOC Group recently released the new ADONIS NP 8.0 and welcomed an abundance of feature-packed, exceptional updates contributing to an unprecedented ease-of-use and impressive user-based BPM experience.

But ADONIS NP’s free counterpart ADONIS:Community Edition is certainly not missing out on any of these exciting changes either! As always, ADONIS:CE keeps close pace with the latest improvements and encompasses many of the remarkable new BPM features from recent releases. This time, ADONIS:CE introduces a fresh set of UX / UI tweaks and enhancements that will boost your productivity and make work incomparably easier, while giving UI a facelift at the same time!

Our focus with this release was on creating a more simplified and intuitive BPM experience, while still keeping the powerful and robust BPM functionality our ADONIS:CE users have grown to rely on. For that reason, we’ve worked on cleaning up the visual design elements and menus, as well as continued to strengthen the support for drag & drop functionality across the entire tool. The goal was to transform the way users interact with ADONIS:CE and make it even more practical and instinctive than before, that way helping you get the job done faster, better and easier – and we’ve done so quite successfully!

Improvements like the new scenario start page, extended drag & drop use cases, quick access to recent models and favourites, compact context menus and many more are now available in ADONIS:CE and waiting for you to try them out straight away! Get a better BPM experience now.

So, head over to your account now and get to exploring the new, better ADONIS:CE!

For more details on the latest improvements coming with ADONIS NP 8.0 click here.